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1951 Original for Tele® – Bridge

1951 Original for Tele® – Bridge

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Custom USA Handmade!
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Wound for an amazing bridge tone like no other!!
Singles are $65 each 


Back in 1951, Leo Fender set out to make a versatile guitar with a fat sounding single coil. Something that had bite, growl and a big presence. His original recipe for his creation had a pickup that often measured just under 10k. We have created our version of that pickup in the spirit of what Leo had intended.

The result is a powerful Tele® bridge pickup that has a bigger and beefier tone, still warm, lots of punch and all that Leo had intended. The '51 Original has a well focused and defined top end, great for clarity and articulation. The low end is very punchy but not anemic like so many of today's Tele® bridges. It's a nice vintage hot with a bigger, almost humbucker-like presence.

Designed for those who are looking for something with a nice powerful bark, not thin but not overly hot. Very warm and lush with a stronger midrange presence, this pickup is able to bring out the beast in your Tele®.

Great for blues, country, rock, alternative and heavier styles of play.


    • Mounting Hardware Included
    • 9.5K output
    • Enamel
    • Choose from Alnico III or V magnets
    • Hum Canceling with Planet Tone neck pickups
    • Wax Potted

    Sound Bytes

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